Our Profile

CHORD one of the Best NGO in Hyderabad is a Non- Profit and Non-Political (Tax-exempt entity under Sec 80G/12A of IT Act) Relief and Development Organization based in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

Becoming the Best NGO in Hyderabad

Right from our humble beginnings in 1998 to this day CHORD has successfully rescued and empowered with education, counseling, and care, over 16300 underprivileged children, trained over 5700 young men and women in employable Skills and has touched lives of tens of thousands through its awareness and sensitization workshops. Now CHORD has become one of the Best NGO in Hyderabad.

Our imperative to empower with education and training, the lives and plight of the underprivileged continues, with help from volunteers, students, professionals, and socially conscious citizens and together we hope that the contribution to our less fortunate friends keeps growing as we do.


  • Ensuring every child is in school and learning with dignity…
  • Every young man/woman trained in skills…
  • Every community is progressing and vibrant…


To implement a robust, replicable, and sustainable three-fold community development model to eradicate child labour and alleviate poverty by educating children, training the youth in employable skills, sensitizing the society, and empowering the community.


To make the target area child labour free by 2022 by rescuing, educating, and empowering 7000 working or school drop-out children and train 7000 young men and women in skills through child-centric community development initiatives